Winter is coming.

Although the snow can be beautiful, living in an area that has harsh winters has it’s special challenges.  Cold, harsh winds, drying heat, showers that are borderline scalding and cold sucking the [life from you] moisture from your skin can wreak havoc on skin.  Mix in sensitive, fair skin that gets irritated from sweaters, scarves or other things to make your day somewhat bearable and can still get fried from the sun, and well, it can be down right depressing.

Cheer up!  It doesn’t have to be so bad.  ReadHead has some suggestions on the things to keep you moisturized, flake and worry free.

  • Sun protection is still a must everyday.  Even during overcast wintry days you still need to product your glorious porcelain skin with proper SPF of 20+.  There are both physical (think titanium dioxide or zinc oxide) and chemical (think oxybenzone avobenzone) sun blockers, so if you react to one, look for other options. Shiseido’s Urban Environment Oil-Free SPF 42  and Elta MD’s options are a few ReadHead favorites.
  • Balance moisturizing with exfoliation. Too much of a good thing ends up being a bad thing.  Heavy moisturizers can trap oil and not let skin properly slough itself (no snow flakes here) and clog pores. Those who aren’t acne prone may benefit from alpha hydroxy (think lactic and glycolic) acids that gently remove the top layers of dry, dead skin.  Oily and acne-prone skin may benefit from beta hydroxy (think salicylic) acids that penetrate deep into pores and clean out oil.  Neostrata makes an effective and budget friendly option with their 10% AHA enhanced lotion and Paula’s Choice 2% BHA are both ReadHead approved
  • Combat dehydrated skin with good moisturizers rich with ceramides, hyaluronic acid, glycerin and other humectants that repair the skin barrier and draw moisture to the skin. Go-to’s for ReadHead are CeraVe PM and Dr. Jart’s Ceramidin Lotion & Liquid. If you’re like ReadHead and try to end the freezing getting out of the shower as much as possible and forego lotion on your body, try an in-shower lotion.

Other handy dandy ways to moisturize your skin: getting your essential oils like omega 3-6-9, taking hyaluronic acid supplements that also benefit stiff joints, and calming sprays like Avene’s Thermal Water which also doubles as a gentle makeup-setting spritz.

Have a favorite way to beat chapped winter skin?  Drop us a line in the comments.

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