Product Review: Verb’s Moringa + Jojoba Treatment Oil

Product Review: Verb’s Moringa + Jojoba Treatment Oil

Admittedly hair products are a little outside of my expertise compared to skincare, however since going platinum blonde a few years ago my eyes have been opened to the other side of the product-universe: haircare. Being a blonde is right up there with sensitive hormonal acne and aging skin - temperamental, sensitive, needs love but [...]

Blondes have more fun with purple shampoo

If you'll notice on my blog, my reviews skew heavily towards skincare products.  There's minimal mentions of haircare.  Why is that?  Well because I've been blessed with hair that doesn't need a ton of attention - until I started lightening it. And then my mind was blown.  And I'm still getting acclimated. There is a [...]

Five tips you should start today if you want to look younger

Google "tips to look younger" and you'll see a million different tips and tricks. 75% of them will follow the same mantra - drink water, use SPF, get sleep, don't smoke, don't sunbathe...the list goes on and on.  Those are absolutely things that you should be doing that will certainly aid in at least preserving [...]