About ReadHead

Because the world needed another beauty blog.

ReadHead (pronounced “red head”) is a skin care, makeup and hair care blog that was born out of passion for providing people with the tools to fall back in love with the skin they’re in.

The author of ReadHead is not affiliated with any skin care or makeup line. We want to bring honesty and transparency – reviews are 100% unbiased and unpaid.  Products have personally been tested and ingredients well-researched.

ReadHead knows that the fair-skinned, uniquely freckled and sometimes fiery-haired have skin care needs that are just – different.  While this blog focuses on products made for fair and sensitive skin, many of the techniques and products can be used for any skin and hair type.

SkinLove for the fair and free.

SkinLove means taking care of your skin, but loving the skin you’re in.  Fair and sensitive skin brings its own challenges that ReadHead is here to address so you can be free of the constant search for products that leave behind a hole in your wallet and lackluster results.

The redhead behind ReadHead.

24297369_10212665691911625_5665356716803740170_oPersonal: Stacie Dastoor is ReadHead’s founding beauty blogger and has been passionate about skin care since her preteens.  A natural redhead who has suffered from acne and skin that throws temper tantrums most of her life, she puts knowledge behind the products she reviews and brings an understanding behind the challenges of being a fair-skinned outsider in an age of tans, the Kardashians, holiday themes filled with red/pink/orange and over-zealous contouring in shades “always too dark for me.”

Career: After spending most of her career in sales and marketing leadership, Stacie’s calling was to pursue her passion for skincare. She is currently studying for her Masters of Science and Nursing and attending the Aveda Institute in New York City for esthetics with the goal to be a top provider in medical aesthetics and dermatology, and personal joy to others.

From the Author:

“I debated for a long time on whether to do a blog or not because there are thousands already out there. But when I asked my network about the thought of just ONE more beauty blog, my fellow redheads shouted at the top that they need somewhere to go that works for them.  I felt the same.
My whole existence within the skin and beauty world has landed in the ‘not quite right’ section.  My skin was sensitive but needed tough love.  Foundations were too neutral or too dark or stark white. Colors I wore looked different on me than my blonde and brunette friends.  My closet took on varying shades of black, gray and tan, and my makeup palettes about the same.  What’s a redhead who’s personality isn’t reflected in what she’s showing to the outside world to do, and I’m gaining all of this training I want to share with others? Pave the way.”
– Stacie Dastoor, Founder & Beauty Blogger for ReadHead
*Stacie Dastoor is not a doctor and is not providing medical advice. Recommendations and reviews are not meant to be considered a diagnosis or medical treatment.