If at first you don’t succeed, you may be trying to solve the wrong problem.

There are so many products out there today.  Just taking a stroll down the aisle at Target (because who can go there for the three things you told yourself you’d limit yourself to buying…I digress) you will see countless lines of skin care and targeted treatments within those lines.  Non-comedogenic!  Oil-free! Acne-prone! Anti-aging! Exfoliating!  Let’s not even get started on the beauty counters at the mall, and (gasp) the interwebs. Yeesh.  Where do you start?

The answer is that you don’t.  Much like any complex thing (and our skin is a complex thing) the question we need to answer is what type of skin issue you are trying to solve?  Without truly understanding your skin type, you’ll be stuck in that vicious cycle of exciting new product –> relegated to the bin –> tears and frustration ensue.

Common Skin Types:

  • Sensitive – commonly characterized by reactive skin that is finicky with fragrance, harsh chemicals/scrubs and turns red or pink. *Certified ReadHead Problem
  • Dehydrated – not to be confused by dry, dehydrated skin can feel tight after washing or using products but then becomes oily throughout the day.  The skin can be both oily and dry/flaky at the same time. *Certified ReadHead Problem
  • Oily – those who do not have that tight feeling of dehydration and produce excess oil.  Oily-skinned people are generally acne prone due to oil trapping dirt and skin in the pores. *Certified ReadHead Problem
  • Dry – dry skin is exactly that – dry.  Dry-skinned folks don’t produce oil.
  • Acne-prone – can be caused by products, hormones and other reasons.  It may also be caused by what you’re using.  Check your labels against this site for Pore Clogging Ingredients. *Certified ReadHead Problem

*It’s clear I have a few skin problems. ::cry face::

For more in-depth information about skin types, check out beauty guru Paula Begoun’s blog post “What’s My Skintype?”

ReadHead’s Thoughts:

Skin changes throughout your life.  That face wash that stripped your excess oil in the past is not the same thing you should be using in your 30s – unless you really need it.  Watch out for cleansers that foam and have detergents (sulfates and other ‘fates) that strip your skin of much needed moisturizers. Oily skin can also benefit from oil cleansing because fun fact – oil repels oil.

Suggested products for each skin type:

  • Sensitive – Purpose, CeraVe, Cetaphil.  These products are proven to effectively treat skin without harsh scrubs or dyes.
  • Dehydrated & Dry – Fresh, CeraVe Hydrating, oil cleansing, micellar water
  • Oily & Acne-Prone – AlphaHydrox foaming, CeraVe SA, Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser

*This is not an exhaustive list but are products used/tested by ReadHead.

What products do you love?  Drop us a line in the comments section.


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