Product Review: La Roche-Posay Toleriane Double Repair Face Moisturizer

I will admit that La Roche-Posay (LRP) has been off my radar. Not because they don’t have good products, but because I found them to be in this weird spot of elevated drugstore (with a coinciding price-point) and not quite a heavy hitter like the lines I found at the practices I’ve worked for. If I wanted budget drugstore, I went with that. If I splurged a little more, I got luxurious items like growth factors and delivery systems for retinols. Recently, however drugstore prices have seemingly only climbed, so I thought it was time for me to explore a few things from their brand.

What is LRP Toleriane Double Repair Face Moisturizer

This LRP product is a best-seller in their line. This moisturizer does exactly what the name says; it works to help repair the barrier of the skin. For those into ingredients the thing that tips you off that this is a barrier-builder and hydrator is the inclusion of ceramide-3, glycerin, and niacinamide. These three, amongst others like hyaluronic acid and PGA , are used to provide extra nourishment and strengthening to the glue that holds skin cells together. In essence it is the opposite of what acids are meant to do, but equally as important to healthy and well-functioning skin. Your barrier is what keeps the good stuff in, and the bad stuff out. The Double Face Repair is meant to help protect compromised skin whether that be caused by harsh treatments, dehydration, aging or the elements (like a wind burn after a trip to your favorite ski lodge for the weekend). There is also the inclusion of some microbiome thermal water. I happen to love a good spritz and use Avene’s Thermal Water so I can get down with that, however I don’t know if it is a game-changer.

The LRP website says this lotion provides up to 48 hours of moisture, immediate comfort and is ok for all skin types. There is hope for those with sensitive skin as there are no oils, drying alcohols (different than alcohol-free as not all alcohols are bad) and fragrances. However, it says dermatologist tested and allergy tested. This does not mean there can be no allergies, or derms who hate the product. Niacinamide, in particular, can be too much for some people, especially rosacea/eczema or highly reactive skin. Common complaints to niacinamide are that it causes a flushing or rash. Make sure to patch test first!

My Experience

I purchased mine at Ulta for $19.99 which was cheaper than my go-to of Dr. Jart Ceramidin cream or SkinMedica TNS Ceramide lotion. I did the switch-up because I’m a sucker for new things and had just tried a few samples of the LRP Hyalu B5 Hyaluronic acid so I was in. My husband has recently upped his skincare game and needed to use some of my lotions and potions so I was seeing if there was a cheaper option that could work for both of us.

Based on the picture I was surprised at how much came with it. The tube dispensed the product very easily and appropriately with the pressure I squeezed. I liked that it was sort of a squat version of a tube that rested on its flip-top cap. It stood up easily so the product would be at the top when you’re ready to dispense. It fit nicely in my hands which could be a benefit for those with limited dexterity. The consistency of what came out was similar to sunscreen but without the sunscreen smell, rather thick, opaque white. With dimethicone high on the list (alert to anyone who has trouble with ‘cones) I expected this to feel a little more slippery. As mentioned I use the liquid and lotion from Dr. Jart. They go on like melted butter. This felt like….a drugstore sunscreen.

I used about a nickel-sized amount on my face and neck. It went on easily but seemed to feel somewhat dry (perhaps due to the lack of oils) and almost mattifying. The target market for this are people with dehydrated and dry skin. A healthy skin barrier is one that bounces and glows, not dulled and somewhat ashen. It wasn’t particularly hydrating, but it was gentle.

Final Thoughts

I used it a few times and decided it wasn’t bad and I paid for it, so I’ll use it up around the house. But the things I CANNOT give this a pass on is the slight white cast (which would look ghastly on someone with even a mildly deeper skin tone) and the pilling. I tried this many ways and as soon as something else touched my face (SPF, makeup) it rolled off into white little balls that looked like I was recovering from a deep peel. Dulled skin with little white flakes everywhere is not something I can get on board with, especially at a $20 price-point. When researching reviews I saw that most had very positive things to say including calling this a “holy grail product.” VeryWell Health named it their top choice for a ceramide lotion. However the low ratings (which there were plenty) all said the same thing about the pilling. I don’t wear makeup often, but as a skincare item that isn’t cheap, is only a piece of the pie in a full routine, can’t be used with serums/SPF/other lotions, that just isn’t going to cut it.

Where it did have some redeeming qualities is that it was very gentle, passed the sensitive skin test, and does have good ingredients. The packaging was user-friendly, and LRP is fairly readily available at drugstores and places like Ulta. Perhaps those with oilier skin to start may enjoy this more but I have a hard time suggesting this over CeraVe PM or my go-to Dr. Jart for a few more dollars. The Dr. Jart might not work for very acne-prone or those sensitive to fragrance, but it is just so good. For those wanting to use Alle points or wanting to really splurge, SkinMedica’s TNS version is very luxurious and includes growth factors (and a higher price).

Overall I was frustrated with the physical performance of this, and I can’t say I felt exactly moisturized when using it. I’ll still use it up, but I say test this one out if you can first. I believe there are better options out there.

Overall: 2/5

Price: $$$$$

Packaging: 4/5

Have you tried this or another ceramide cream you love? Drop us a line in the comments

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