Product Review: NYX Cosmetics Wonder Stick

Contouring, or using lighter and darker shades to highlight and define the features on your face, is all the rage these days.  While I prefer a more natural look for my everyday, contouring can be fun if you’re into makeup and want to take the extra steps.

I picked up NYX’s Wonder Stick at Ulta for just under $12.  I was in a major hurry before a 70’s party that I was going to.  My inspiration was late 60s/early 70’s Twiggy, so I wanted to get that defined and concealer-heavy look for that time period.  This little duo turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

Color: I got the lightest one which proved to be a great match for my fair skin.  The contour (darker) color was a proper shade of brown that blended well without looking orange.

Application: is a breeze.  The dual-sided stick (one side highlight and the other contour) glided on smoothly.  I had moisturizer on so that helped, but I had to put a bit more muscle into the contour for it to really show.  This means it could be a good option with a light hand for fair-skinned people. The concealer glided on in a light-medium coverage. I would suggest setting this with a translucent powder.

The stick idea is great for concealing and for contouring the nose and cheeks – areas you draw to define vs. larger areas to add color to.  It does prove to be a bit awkward if you want to carry that contour up to your hair line to close your forehead in.  It works, but is a bit like coloring and requires some serious blending.

Finish: everything looked creamy on my skin, with a bit of a glow.  I wouldn’t suggest this for oily-skinned people, especially if the t-zone is a problem for you.  The concealer looked natural, but did settle into creases a bit.

End result: I don’t suggest that this will solve all your problems if a heavy duty concealer is important to you or if you want a bangin’ contour look.  But, if you’re traveling or want just a little something to oomph up your look for the night without all the fuss, this is a fool-proof way to do it.  I’m glad I have this in my makeup bag – it’s convenient, the price is very affordable and I didn’t break out. You’ll need to remember to blend, blend blend.

Overall Rating: 3/5

Price: $$$$$

Packaging: 5/5

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